Core Values

1 Diligence

To work with utmost due diligence, to protect and safeguard patients from all kinds of infection and harm with top notch quality and excellence.

2 Integrity

To do what is right at every step to bring respect, openness and honesty in all our transactions with patients, families and coworkers.

3 Respect

To show regard and appreciation for everyone, honor and esteem that includes respect for self, respect for the rights and dignity of all persons, and respect for the environment that sustains life.

4 Ethics

To conduct our business exceeding mere standard compliance and restore trust in medical practices.

5 Care

To treat those we serve with kindness and compassion and strive to better understand and respond to the needs of a diverse community with quality service and care.

6 Trust

To create an institution that people can rely on for medical treatment and care.

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